video item: NSCAD – Jack Hart – Mark in the Park

A Mark in the Park is a gesture made as a reaffirmation of a treaty agreed upon over four hundred years ago between Native peoples and European colonists and symbolized by the Two Row Wampum Belt.

The two parallel purple rows in the belt represent a treaty that both peoples will follow their own“river of life” without interference of the other, in peace, respect and recognition of the others cultures.

The site selected for this gesture was Point Pleasant Park in Halifax Nova Scotia, former summer hunting and camping grounds of the Mi’kmaq peoples.

A Mark in the Park was created and performed by non Aboriginal artist Jack Hart and close friend Louise Morehouse a member of the Sayisi Dene First Nations.
Artist, Jack Hart, BFA 2014, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Videographer is Lauren Dial, NSCAD student