image item: ocad – kbush

For this project, I am proposing an illustration printed on vinyl that, in its final rendition, will measure 8ft x 16ft to be mounted on the interior face of the lookout located at the Glen Eagles Vista. This illustration will depict a landscape comprised of cakes, cookies, creams and sprinkles as well as plant matter and other materials observed in the park. This work represents the sugar coated narrative told to and understood by “Canadians” about their history and environmental policies. This work is intended to encourage “Canadians” to question their position within the park as well as their nation. It is inspired by rituals of “Canadian culture” that involve food which are meant to forge and bring community together. This includes “Sugar-ing Off” and Thanksgiving Dinner, which are appropriated practices that have become “Canadian”, as well as memories of attending birthday parties, choosing who to invite, and who to not invite. Who will be coming to Canada’s 150th birthday party? Are you invited?  

All images were taken and compiled by Kaiatanoron Dumoulin Bush