image item: ocad – lizz khan – Second Land: Part One/Two

Second Land: Part One/Part Two
Lizz Khan

Second Land: Part One, relies on materials that are both consumed and ephemeral. Part One captures the water from Rouge Beach at Rouge National Urban Park.

The materials we rely on are not only synthetically made but mined and from the land. These materials are washed up along the urban shores of the GTA. The subjectivities within these urban landscape are juxtaposed with privilege and erased traumas. The traumas are beneath us and before us. The bottles of water were consumed, reclaimed and found. These bottles are remnants of human survival. Juxtaposed with survival we have  the water of Lake Ontario to remind us that the land is striving to survive despite the lack of accountability. Urban landscapes desire tranquility and this tranquility is all we have left. What have we done?

In Second Land: Part Two, the objects are reclaimed back to Rouge Beach and the water  accumulated are poured back into Lake Ontario via the shores of Rouge Beach Park. Durational performance is the intention for this second phase of my Second Land series for Landmarks 2017.  

The Location will be at Rouge Beach along the shore. The installation process will entail video documentation and live streaming from phones belonging to and possessed by the audience.

As a material object, I will be sitting on a chair that will be brought to Rouge Beach after durationally bringing the bottles back to the land and pouring the reclaimed water back into the Lake they were taken from.

The cycle of consumption entails both selfishness and empathy. How does this second land become one’s refuge? It’s all the diasporas have. We can’t just leave. ?