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As I dogged deeper into meanings of territory and identity, I found that both words are larger and touch many other layers such as context, memory, mobility etc. From situating myself in a city, far away from ‘Nature’, I started looking at my surroundings: ads and iconoclast advertising stood out. A warm one for me was neon, putting it out of a convenience store experience and taking it in a context of a park, bring a fulfilling yet absurd perspective of the land. As neon is used mainly for selling and welcoming purpose in a well-established system of consumerism, bringing it onto Mingan Island brings to the surface a pretty similar rhetoric.

Industry of tourism and the fantasy of nature as a selling product; tourism sells the land as an experience for foreigners and by implying fee cost, rules and restrictions removes the natural encounter someone would experience with the archipelago. Ouvert represent the overview of the institution approach of the territory. Relating to this abstract conception of freedom and nature, neon relates to his binary; city and consummation. Rendering this notion of opening hours by physically putting Ouvert on the islands, respond to identity as well ; Open for who?. The purpose of the piece follows this misunderstanding of where you are and what is open, what is close. By situating the piece on land, it situates the viewer as a part of this system too.