Landmarks of Canada That Every Tourist Should Visit

Travelers are attracted by such natural attractions of Canada as national parks, which combine natural beauties with high-class tourist services. However, in order to make the trip to this country full of pleasant emotions, it is necessary to prepare in advance and consider the most relevant places.

That's why we're here to make your job easier! We present to your attention the main landmarks that every tourist should visit. In addition, each of the places has a unique exhibit from LandMarks2017 artists, which will allow you to combine travel with an unusual atmosphere of art.

Banff National Park

Turquoise lakes, mountain tops wrapped in snow, and glaciers - all this splendor can be seen on the territory of this reserve. The pearl of this park of North American nature is Lake Louise. It houses a unique exhibit, Wave Sound by Rebecca Belmore, which encourages visitors to pause and listen to the natural sounds of the earth.

In the southern part of the reserve is the small town of Banff, where you can find all kinds of hotels and shops. Banff is a popular, lively area for winter sports. Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village are two of Canada's most famous ski resorts.


Everyone knows the words "Gold Rush" and "Klondike," but few imagine the modern look of the city and the national park that gave the world this term. The Klondike stretches along a small river of the same name, which flows into the Yukon River, which is east of the city of Dawson.

Today, the town is a popular tourist destination for those wishing to experience the spirit of the gold rush and get a good impression of the local nature and works of art Weaving Voices by Chris Clarke and Bo Yeung. Also, every year on August 11, Discovery Day is widely celebrated here - a holiday dedicated to the date of the first discovery of the precious metal in the Klondike River Valley.

Cape Merry Prince of Wales

Reaching the ends of the earth is not such an impossible dream. The most remote points are relatively reachable and one of them is Cape Merry Prince of Wales. This fort was built in 1717 by James Knight of the Hudson's Bay Company and was originally called Churchill River Post.

In this place, you can see Coalescence by Michael Belmore. An Ontario-based artist singled out the site for a multi-part sculpture project. Touch the history of migration, movement, the sustainability of culture, and the community of the long shadow of geological time.

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Canada is famous for its attractions, the main of which we have described in this article and recommend visiting. Pay attention to the special exhibits from LandMarks2017 to fill your trip with a special atmosphere. And do not forget that you are always able to facilitate spending money using JET Casino.